Most small businesses are looking for ways to save money, since they often operate on a shoestring budget. Fortunately, cutting services or lowering quality aren’t the only ways to cut costs. The following tips can reduce small business expenses while maintaining full production and services.

Exchange services.

Other similar companies may be looking for help that you can provide, and vice versa. For example, if you have an accounting background and manage your company’s books but you don’t know much about marketing, offer accounting assistance in exchange for marketing strategies. Calculate a fair exchange of services so that both companies benefit without having to outsource those tasks.

Recruit volunteers.

Whether on special community days or clean-up events, volunteers are often eager and willing to help a small business grants Ontario with a variety of tasks, especially if the company is invested in the community. Volunteers don’t usually need special training to run the cash register, arrange displays, or tidy up the parking area. Some will even paint the front entrance or plant flowers to add decorative touches. Recognition and thanks can be given through a free lunch or annual awards dinner where volunteer hours spent helping the company will be commemorated with employees, family members, and friends.

Train interns.

Intern programs have gained traction over the past few years. A small business grants Ontario often has the time and specialization to train high school students for a vocation or to provide college credit in working with a local university to equip graduates with practical business skills needed to enter the job force. College students who have already studied business operations in classrooms can put that knowledge to use by developing sales strategies, product descriptions, office designs, and other useful skills that could cost thousands if paid to professional vendors.


Many small business services can be handled by the owner or one of the employees with extra time to avoid paying another company for the work. Basic janitorial services like sweeping floors and emptying trash are easily handled by just about anyone. Taking a class to learn more about customer service to do it yourself or train a part-time employee can save money that would go to hiring a person for those specific duties. Mailing brochures, sending an email blast, posting to social media and other tasks that do not require extensive training or high-level skills can save considerable cash when done by the owner, manager, or an employee already working for the company.

With a little ingenuity, a small business can save money on work that can be managed in alternative ways.