In this up and coming decade of small business owners, it can be equal parts inspiring and intimidating for anyone who wants to start their own business. Not everyone has a guide or in their backyard who can brainstorm with you and guide your process or even get it on the road to a great start. If you are considering starting your own small scale business but don’t have a clue about how, this article is for you! After all, every venture is small scale before it succeeds, according to small business grants Ontario.

Step 1: Get funded!


Perhaps the most essential component related to opening up your own business is having the capital to do so. It is true that luck does play its part but, it is more practical to get a loan or some finance. With all the options out there it can easily become overwhelming but with a little research, there is no limit to the options you can peruse.

Step 2: Find a mentor or advisor and apply for incubators, springboards, and accelerators


Now that you have your business plan, pitch deck, and economical yet survivable working operations model pitch ready, it’s time to show you are vitally involved into the feasibility of and about your business and are willing to put the hours in. There are a number of business guides, accelerators and springboards to help take your business to the next level. Often times as a small business owner we become so engrossed in our venture, that an outsider’s knowledge, suggestions, and support can be invaluable.

Step 3: Research the organizations


Once you identify a grant you’re interested in, spend time researching the organization. It is always great to be building relationships with the people who work at the organization funding the grant.

Step 4: Don’t be shy. Apply for some startup cash aka grants

Wealth concept

Did you say easy cash? You would be surprised at how many grants are out there for those looking to start a small business. Beginning with your nearby govt. administration is a good first step. Also, reading carefully about the eligibility and whether or not you fulfill the criteria and marking crucial deadlines in your calendar so as to be prepared to submit important documents well in advance of those dates, will make sure you succeed.

Step 5: Be a resourceful person


Always try to scrounge first and buy later. You may make the best of what you have if you give it some time and apply some mind.

Step 6: Form a network 


Being in touch with people in similar situations will really help your case and give you an outlet where you can look for options in hard times.

So, happy hopes to all of you out there who believe in taking initiative and owning your own business establishment from small business grants Ontario.